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Solar batteries are designed to store energy generated from solar panels during the day. Alternatively the solar batteries can also be charged through the grid in the absence of solar power. INA Solar Batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries. Our innovative design, stringent quality standards, and extra thick tubular plates provides longer backup & battery life.

Our solar batteries are specially designed as per solar application requirement. We offer Tall Tubular Lead Acid Batteries which are the most reliable, successful and widely used across solar applications.

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High Quality Batteries

Our aim is to manufacture solar batteries with high quality, long-lasting performance, and reliability. Insolation Energy is one of the leading solar Battery Manufacturers in India. We supply our customers with quality assurance products.

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Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Reduce your electricity bill and to avoid bill shock, when using a solar battery system. Solar battery storage allows you to keep the energy powered by extra solar power so that you can use it at your comfort.

Latest Technology

Our trained experts design and manufacture the solar battery by utilizing the latest technology and tools. Delivering durable solar batteries in a cost-effective way is our top-most priority.


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